KaizenPrice™ Launches in Square App Marketplace

18 May 2023 Authors : admin

Kaizen Analytix LLC, a leading provider of data, analytics, and technology solutions, today announced that KaizenPriceTM, the small business smart pricing tool, is now available on the Square App Marketplace, offering tremendous value to Square sellers and their customers.

KaizenPrice is a smart pricing recommendation tool that helps small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) make educated pricing decisions, plan for the unexpected, and make better informed staffing decisions.

Already integrated with the Square POS System, the innovative smart-pricing tool can now be accessed via the Square App Marketplace. “Being listed in the Square App Marketplace makes our solution more easily accessible to millions of Square sellers and will help them drive more revenue, save time, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights into their business performance,” said Andy Williamson, Chief Product Officer at Kaizen. “KaizenPrice helps SMBs make sense of their data and takes the guesswork out of their pricing strategy, which is one of the biggest challenges they face today.”

KaizenPrice delivers powerful pricing recommendations and demand forecasts to help companies develop pricing strategies to drive revenue, profit, and volume. The solution is applicable to a wide range of businesses—from retailers to restaurants to service providers to amusement and entertainment venues. Benefits include:

  • Achieve 5-15 percent revenue uplift and 5-10 percent cost avoidance
  • Save 50-80 percent in time and energy when making pricing decisions
  • Plan for the unexpected by factoring in weather, holidays, and more
  • Leverage data analytics to drive staffing decisions
  • Gain access to real-time pricing recommendations and visualizations
  • Scenario plan with different price points to see the impact on your demand and revenue

“As a retailer, you’re always afraid to make a move on price,” said Jenna Rees, Chief Brand Officer at The Splatter Studio. “With Kaizen, we had experts backed by actual data that allowed us to maximize our revenue potential. Being able to look at numbers in visual charts and have little cues that indicate growth potential helped us more easily and quickly digest the pricing data.”

With the integration with Square POS System and now the Square App Marketplace, KaizenPrice can now deliver custom pricing recommendations and sales forecasts based on sellers’ transaction histories from Square. Kaizen is working to support integrations with other popular POS platforms as well.

KaizenPrice offers flexible pricing models that are attractive to SMBs and can adjust as their business grows.

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