KaizenPrice Update Empowers Small Business Owners to Make Smarter Decisions

18 May 2023 Authors : admin

KaizenPrice has updated its popular pricing strategy tool for small business owners, integrating new functionality to help users save time and energy when determining pricing strategies, making informed staffing decisions, and planning for the unexpected.

A brand new 7-Day Business Forecast feature makes the small business smart pricing tool more powerful and informative than ever, allowing decision-makers to crack the code on pricing with skill and precision.

The KaizenPrice update also introduces several granular insights, bringing visibility to help owners expertly navigate a complex economic environment marked by rising costs, supply chain challenges, and shifting consumer demand.

A Comprehensive Data Dashboard at Your Fingertips

Our update provides a comprehensive data dashboard with date, item, and location-specific product information. The latest version also accounts for factors like weather, holidays, and other anomalies that impact sales, giving you an even more powerful predictive tool to optimize your pricing strategy.

With the new KaizenPrice update, you get:

  • Comprehensive Forecast Analysis.
    • Review revenue and demand forecasts for each day of the next week. This data accounts for weather conditions, holidays, and other external factors, so you have the best data helping you make more informed pricing decisions.
  • Customizable Business Dashboard.
    • Filter your business dashboard by day of the week, location, or type of product/service you offer, so you see targeted analysis and personalized pricing strategies.
  • KaizenPrice Recommendations.
    • Leverage a summary of the total added value from KaizenPrice recommendations to achieve a 5-15% revenue uplift, 5-10% cost avoidance, and save 50-80% in time and energy when setting pricing policies.
  • Data-Driven Decision Support.
    • Gain access to real-time pricing recommendations, visualizations, and scenario planning with different price points to see the impact on your demand and revenue while leveraging data analytics to drive staffing decisions.

Discover the Ultimate Pricing Solution with KaizenPrice! Our cutting-edge pricing recommendation tool empowers you to make data-driven decisions, anticipate market changes, and optimize your staffing strategies.

Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the future of pricing with the unparalleled insights of KaizenPrice’s analytics.

Real Results: A Testimonial from The Splatter Studio

Small business owners are already discovering the benefits of data-driven insights.

The Splatter Studio, a two-year-old small business in Metro Atlanta where anyone can explore their inner artist, leveraged KaizenPrice to develop a dynamic, data-driven pricing model that maximized the company’s revenue potential.

As just one of its benefits, KaizenPrice data informed the company’s decision to close its studios on Tuesdays. The studios were already closed on Mondays, but by also eliminating Tuesday openings, the company was able to cut labor costs and make the demand higher for the Wednesday and Thursday spots while preserving more budget for marketing and operational needs.

To date, KaizenPrice has helped small businesses generate more than $3,400,000 in additional revenue, increasing revenues by 5 – 15 percent in 100+ industries.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business strategy. Get started for free or schedule a demo, and start transforming your business strategy today!

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